Karapoti Race Weekend Information

Everything you need to know about race weekend for the 2025's 40th anniversary Gazley Skoda Karapoti Classic.

Race Pack Pick-Up

When:   Friday 28th February - 10am to 5pm.
Where:   Gazley ŠKODA, 38 Kent Terrace, Wgtn. Click Here for Map.
What:   Race Packs include:  programme, numberplate, timing tag, any merchandise purchased, lunch ticket.
Bring:   The email confirmation that you received after entering.

  • Race Pack Pick Up is compulsory. All participants must pick up their race pack. 
  • Thermatech & My Ride will be onsite with great specials for race day essentials.
  • Official Karapoti merchandise is still available. Be early to guarantee you get something.
  • Entrants driving from out of the Wellington region on race morning may pick up their race pack on race morning from the main marquee at Karapoti Park, 8:00am to 9:30am.
  • Late Entries will be taken only at Race Pack Pick Up. Not on race day.

Race Day Timetable

Race Day - Saturday 1st March

Race Day Info

All participants must read this !


Race Day is based at Karapoti Park on Akatarawa Road in Upper Hutt... Click for Google Map.

  • Take State Highway 2 past Upper Hutt
  • Approx 4km north of Upper Hutt city centre , approx 500m past Caltex Service Station, turn onto Akatarawa Rd
  • Follow Akatarawa Road for approx 5km to Karapoti Park
  • Walk/ride into Karapoti Park where you'll find the main marquee, food, coffee and sponsor displays.
  • Massage is available post-race - $20 for 15min. Bring cash.
  • On race day there are various food, drink and sponsors retailing.

Car Parking

  • There is no parking in Karapoti Park or on Karapoti Road. But we have arranged ample car parking in surrounding farm paddocks...
  • Officials will direct you to the closest car park area. Please obey officials
  • If forced to park on Akatarawa Road, park only on the west side (river side) of the road. Vehicles parked on the east side of the road will be towed
  • Do not park in any resident or farm entrance unless directed to do so by an official.
  • Please be patient. We have 1000+ vehicles to park while ensuring access for emergency and avoiding disruption to residents and normal traffic.

Prize Pool

  • Every finisher wins a commemorative medal.
  • Every entrant competes for a $20,000 prize pool made up of cash and product.
  • Spot prizes will be awarded to every 20th rider across the finish line.
  • Novelty prizes will be awarded for Best Fancy Dress and Worst Luck - nominations to the Race Director prior to 2:30pm.
  • The Elite and Expert categories race together for overall honours among both men and women, with top-10 being awarded on-stage. Prize money is awarded to placings 1st to 5th and product from 6th to 10th.
  • A $1000 cash bonus will be paid if the overall winner among men and/or women break the overall race record.
  • The Expert categories will also have awards in their 10-year age groups, with placings 1st to 3rd being awarded product prizes.
  • The Weekend Warrior categories have product prizes for the fastest five men and women.
  • The Unicycle, Retro, Single Speed, Cyclo-cross/Gravel Bike and Tandem categories will be awarded product prizes for 1st Place.
  • The Team categories will have product prizes awarded for 1st place in each team category. Teams must have three or more riders to count toward team results, which are calculated by combining the times of the fastest three riders in a team.


In more than three and half decades, the Karapoti Classic has never been cancelled. In the case of issues whereby the event is not allowed to proceed or deemed grossly unsafe to proceed - the following contingencies are in place:

Weather Postponement:  Any decision would be based on forecasts and made no later than 24hrs prior to the start, and posted on the Website Home Page our Karapoti Facebook Page and emailed to participants. A postponement date would be decided upon within seven days.

Government or Council Restrictions:  If it was deemed unsafe by decree to hold the event, participants would be advised within 24hrs.  A postponement date would be decided within seven days. This decision would be posted on the Website Home Page, our Karapoti Facebook Page and emailed to participants.

Refunds Policy:  In the unlikely event of postponement or cancellation, entry fees are non-refundable.

Rules & Safety

All participants must read this !

Playing Fair

The Karapoti Classic is run according to the universal logic of fair play and decency. Any form of protest should be lodged in writing to the organisers within 30min of finishing. In all matters the organiser's decision will be final.

  • All participants receive a number plate, which has an electronic timing chip attached to the back. Attached the numberplate below your handlebars in front of your brake cables, using cable ties. Do not tamper with timing chip. The number plate and timing chip do not need to be returned.
  • Before starting all participants must read all information in the entry form, event website and pre-race programme.
  • All participants must be present at and pay attention to the pre-race briefing.
  • All participants must obey race officials, including aid station staff, at all times.
  • All competitors must wear a safety standards approved bicycle helmet.
  • All competitors must ensure their bike is in safe and serviceable condition.
  • All competitors must carry food and fluid suitable for a 3 to 5hr mountain bike ride.
  • When passing, the rider in front always has the right of way. Be patient and courteous at all times.
  • The Elite and Expert categories are not allowed any outside assistance, except by race officials and first aid personnel within designated aid stations.
  • Riders in the other categories may assist each other in situation of serious accident, mechanical failure or failure to follow the leader in the right direction.
  • In the event of serious accident any rider who does not stop to assist will be disqualified !
  • Anyone reported littering on the course will be disqualified !
  • Walking is optional and sometimes necessary ;)

Playing Safe

The Karapoti Classic is a very demanding and technically challenging course and carries with it an element of risk ranging from exhaustion to accident. Where possible organisers reduce the element of risk via adequate signage and support from the Upper Hutt Community Rescue.

  • All riders must ensure their bikes & standards approved helmet are in safe and serviceable condition.
  • All riders must carry food and fluid sufficient for a 3-5hr ride, a thermal top or windbreaker, two spare tubes, bicycle multi-tool & spare chain lube.
  • The course is marked with arrows for direction and tape across direction.
  • Downhills are marked with downward arrows. More arrows equals higher risk.
  • There are two drink stations on course (see course maps).
  • There are emergency aid stations approximately every 5km (see course maps).
  • If you suffer minor injuries ride to the next emergency aid station for treatment.
  • You must assist another rider with serious injury. Riders forced to stop and help will have their finish time adjusted applicably.
  • Do not move anyone with suspected neck or back injuries.
  • In the event of an injured rider being unable to move, one should stay with the injured rider while another moves with the race to the next aid station.
  • Riders withdrawing - before or during the race - must notify an official.
  • If your vehicle is left at Karapoti Park after the race, you must alert an official.
  • For safety reasons anyone not reaching the top of Deadwood climb (15km) by 1:00pm may be turned back. This is at the discretion of officials.
  • Titanium spoke nipples are optional but not recommended :-)

Warning:  To assist in the safety of riders and officials, there will be a legal closure of Karapoti Road and Akatarawa Forest Park between 9am and 4pm on race day. However, organisers must allow for emergency access and resident access, and also have no control over members of the public who ignore the road closure. Riders must obey road rules, keep left & give way to any traffic at all times.