NZ's Original Mtn Bike Race !

As NZ's longest running mtn bike event, we're a tad caught up in the Karapoti culture. Check out articles, results, reports, rider stories, photos and more below...

The Karapoti Story 
Akatarawa History
History of Mountain Biking 

NZ's Original Mountain Biker
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Results History

Karapoti is one of few events with a complete history of results for every year. Check out the links below for results right back to the first in 1986. Recent years even have a downloadable certificate next to your result...

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Race Records

At Karapoti we like to give credit across all age and gender, so we have race records from pro-elite right out to 80+, single speed, retro, tandems, uni-cycles, youngest and eldest finishers and winners, and even the most punctures. 

In 2014 great conditions saw world junior champion, Anton Cooper, set a mens record that has since withstood even his own attempts. In 2019 Wellington's own Samara Sheppard totally rewrote the woman's record book, riding 7min faster than any other woman. But at Karapoti we recognise records across every race, category and age you can think of... Click Here.

All-Time Lists

All-Time Podium Placegetters
As the Southern Hemisphere's longest running mountain bike event, Karapoti's podium reads like a who's-who of mtb history. For the top three men & women in every Karapoti... Click Here.

All-Time Fastest 100 Rides
Check out the fastest 100 rides of all-time... Men Here / Women Here.

Sub 3-Hour Club

Every Karapoti finisher earns bragging rights among mountain bikers. But at Karapoti itself, the bragging benchmark is the 3hr barrier. More than 15,000 riders have completed the Classic, but as of 2024 only 778 riders have broken 3hrs. Simon Kennett was the first, Kathy Lynch was the first female and the 23rd was 2022 third placegetter Emma Bateup. In 2006 Niels Madsen clocked the first 50-year-old sub-three. In 2013 Peter Reynolds became the first 60-year-old. In 2024 Gary Moller became the first 70-year-old. In 2012 Eden Cruise became the youngest at age 12. In 2020 Taupo’s Sammie Maxwell became the first teenage woman to go sub-three. Upper Hutt native, Wayne Hiscock, has the fastest average of 2hrs 39min from 26 sub-3's since 2001. The captaincy of the club is held by Jason McCarty at 27, just one ahead of Hiscock. The fastest years were 2007 & 2008 with more than 100 sub-3's and more than 40 new members. In 2024 saw 34 sub-3's and 13 new members. And as of 2024, 3hrs had been broken 1719 times. For a full list of every Sub-3 in Karapoti history... Excel File Here / PDF File Here.

Karapoti Life Membership

As the longest running mountain bike event in the Southern Hemisphere, if someone has played a major part in Karapoti then chances are they have had a major part in NZ mountain bike history. We thought this fact should be recognised so in 2007 we introduced Karapoti Life Membership. We welcome nominations for future life membership. For a full run-down on Karapoti Life Members to date... Click Here.


Race Director's Rant

1988 - Paul's First 50k

2003 - Year Of The Truck

2004 - The Summer That Wasn't

2005 - 20 Years Young

2006 - 21 & Counting

2007 - Records All Round

2008 - Even The Weather Agreed

2009 - One To Remember

2010 - Karapoti Turns 25

2011 - The Toughest & Easiest Ever

2012 - Karapoti Is Never Cancelled

2013 - A Day In The Sun

2014 - The Fastest Ever

2015 - Three Decades & Counting

2016 - Times They Are A Changing

2017 - The Race Got Away (Jack puncture, Aussie & Kathy ynch, Tim Vincent, Kennetts, Chris Henry)

2018 - Best Laid Plans

2019 - Karapoti Kids (Samara record, Anton, Eden, Ben, other girls)

2020 - The 35th Karapoti

2021 - Lemons or Lemonade ?