About Us

The Karapoti Classic is organised by MDJ Media & Events Ltd, a family-owned business managed by Michael Jacques. As an endurance sport enthusiast for more than 40 years, Michael has been a participant, coach, supporter, journalist or organiser at every Karapoti since the early-90s (see Karapoti history here). Other events we organise include The Crazyman, Wellington Marathon, Porirua Grand Traverse and Christchurch Marathon.

MDJ Media & Events Ltd
Mail:   P.O. Box 13793, Johnsonville, Wellington 6440, NZ.
Phone:   64 275 244 821
Email:   Click Here.

Volunteers Please !

If you can't race but want to experience NZ's favourite mountain bike race, then consider becoming a volunteer. It takes 70-plus helpers to keep Karapoti ticking and we treat you at least as well as participants with free Karapoti t-shirt and lunch, and free entry for the following year. But be warned... volunteers one year almost always end up being competitors the next!

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Click Here for a great article from a past volunteer.