The 50k Classic

This is the biggie. New Zealand's original mountain bike race. Limited to 1000 riders, we've had as many as 1800 people wanting to ride!

The reason is simple:  an uncompromising yet exhilarating and achievable 50km of 4WD trails, gnarly single track, wheel sucking sludge, raging river crossings, wall to wall wilderness and huge hills that'll have you grinding a granny ring up and grinning like a goon on the way down.

In short, "The Classic" has something for everyone and with a bit of training almost everyone can achieve it... Almost!

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20K Challenge

The 20k Challenge offers a taste of the Classic for off-road rookies, supporters, active families and school kids.

This easier option is every bit as stunning as the full-blooded Classic, but at less than half the distance and only one hill it's the ideal introduction to the experience that is Karapoti.

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Kids 5k Klassic

The "Karapoti Kids Klassic" is an adventurous intro to mountain biking for primary school kids aged five to 11.

The course is a safe and scenic 5k on entry level tracks, but include some fun and filthy stuff like stream crossing, lots of mud and the odd surprise along the way.

Parents are welcome to ride with their child.

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Sorry, because much of the Kids course is on private land we cannot show a map.

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