Safety & Rules

Playing Fair

The Karapoti Classic is run according to the universal logic of fair play and decency. Any form of protest should be lodged in writing to the organisers within 30min of finishing. In all matters the organiser's decision will be final.

>  All participants receive a number plate, which has an electronic timing chip attached. Do not tamper with timing chip. The number plate and timing chip do not need to be returned. Click Here To See How To Attach Number Plate.

>  Before starting all participants must read all information in the entry form, event website and pre-race programme.

>  All participants must be present at and pay attention to the pre-race briefing.

>  All participants must obey race officials, including aid station staff, at all times.

>  All competitors must wear a safety standards approved bicycle helmet.

>  All competitors must ensure their bike is in safe and serviceable condition.

>  All competitors must carry food and fluid suitable for a 3 to 5hr mountain bike ride.

>  When passing, the rider in front always has the right of way. Be patient and courteous at all times.

The Elite and Expert categories are not allowed any outside assistance, except by race officials and first aid personnel within designated aid stations (see 50k map).

Riders in the other categories may assist each other in situation of serious accident, mechanical failure or failure to follow the leader in the right direction.

>  In the event of serious accident any rider who does not stop to assist will be disqualified !

>  Anyone reported littering on the course will be disqualified !

>  Walking is optional and sometimes necessary ;)

Playing Safe

The Karapoti Classic is a very demanding and technically challenging course and carries with it an element of risk ranging from exhaustion to accident. Where possible organisers reduce the element of risk via adequate signage and support from the Upper Hutt Community Rescue.

> The course is marked with arrows for direction and tape to block wrong directions.

>  Downhill areas will be marked with downward arrows. The more arrows the higher the risk.

> On course there are emergency aid stations approximately every 5km (see course map).

> If you suffer minor injuries make your way to the next emergency aid station for treatment.

> You must assist anyone who has suffered serious injury. Competitors forced to stop and administer aid will have their finish time adjusted applicably.

> Do not move anyone with suspected neck or back injuries.

> In the event of a rider being unable to move, one competitor must stay with the injured rider while another competitor moves with the race to the next emergency aid station.

> Entrants withdrawing - either before or during the race - must notify a race official or aid station staff.

> If for any reason your vehicle must be left at Karapoti Park following the race, you must alert a race official.

> For safety reasons anyone not reaching the Cloustonville turn-off at top of Deadwood climb (approx. 15km) by 1:00pm may be turned back. This is at the discretion of race officials.

> Competitors must carry sufficient fluid and food for a 3 to 5 hour ride.

> There are two drink stations on course (see course maps).

> All entrants should carry a polypropylene top and windbreaker.

> All competitors should carry two spare tubes, a full puncture repair kit, bicycle multi-tool & spare chain lube.

> All riders must ensure their bikes & standards approved helmet are in safe and serviceable condition.

> Warning:  To provide competitor safety there will be a legal road closure of Karapoti Road between 9am and 4pm on race day. However, organisers must allow for emergency access and resident access, and also have no control over members of the public who ignore the road closure. So competitors must obey road rules, keep left & give way to any traffic at all times.

> Warning:  To provide competitor safety there will be a legal closure of the Akatarawa Forest Park between 9am and 4pm on race day. However, organisers must allow for emergency access, and also have no control over members of the public who chose to enter the park illegally. So competitors must watch for other users and give way to public at all times.

> Titanium spoke nipples are optional but not recommended :-)