20K Challenge - Categories

The 20k Challenge is a chance to rub shoulders with riders of all age and ability with a mass start of 300 riders making for an exciting introduction to the Karapoti experience.

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Age Groups

Your chance to race your gender/age peers over the scenic 20k course. All entrants except Special Categories below should select "Age Group" when they enter.

Your age group division is allocated via your age on race day, as per the following:

1)  Open - Men & Women Overall
40+ Years - Men & Women
3)  14-18 years - Men & Women
4)  Under-14 Years - Boys & Girls 

>  Entries are limited to 300 starters.
>  Prizes will be awarded to the first three male and female in each age group category.
>  Entries from riders aged less than 10 years are at the race directors discretion.

The Special Categories

Mountain biking's underground enthusiasts - Single Speed, Uni-Cycles, Retro, Cyclo Cross, Fat Bikes and Tandems - all start together but race for awards in their own category.

>  A prize is awarded for the fastest rider in each special category.
>  Special categories are not eligible for age group categories above, but are eligible for the team categories below.
>  Entries from riders aged less than 10 years are at the race directors discretion.

Fat Bike Category:  Something for the mountain bike fashionista. Minimum 40mm wide rims and 3.5-inch tyres. 

Single Speed:  Something for the minimalists amongst us!

Uni-Cycles:  We dare you one-wheel wonders to take on the feature 50k!

Retro:  For lovers of bikes from back-in-the-day. That means no suspension, no clip-in pedals, no disc brakes, no carbon anywhere. Old-school clothing also encouraged.

Cyclo Cross:  A taste of Euro for followers of cycling latest cult craze. Cyclo cross bikes must have drop bars, no suspension and max tyre width of 40mm. Just choose Classic and tick Cyclo Cross.

Tandem:  Try your hand on a tandem or introduce your kids to Karapoti on a trailer bike. Both riders are considered one entry and pay one entry fee. Enter on one entry form, putting one riders full name in the first name space, and the second riders full name in the surname space. Trailer bikes are ok.

E-Bikes:  E-bikes are welcome in the 20k Challenge. This is open only to factory built e-mtn bikes that meet the following criteria: Pedal-assist motors only; minimum 250w drive motor; maximum speed assistance of 32k/hr; minimum battery size of 250watt-hour. Bikes must not have any form of aftermarket electric modification, conversion kit, bike hacks, throttle control or hub-motor. This category is aimed solely at participation with no prizes, but you will be timed officially and recorded in results. E-mtn bike participants will line up as per normal with other 20k Challenge participants and must do all river crossings. You should avoid getting your motor wet, so be careful at all river crossings and at the start and finish use the northern end of the river crossing as this is the shallowest and smoothest area. There are no plans for e-bikes within the 50k Classic.


The 20k team categories tally the results of three or more entrants from the same club or work place or family. Riders who want to be included in a team should enter the 20k normally and also select a team category and team name.

Team categories in the 20k are as per following:

Open Teams:  Whether you're a bunch of mates, a cycle club, an elite team, a bike shop, a cycle importer, a frame builder or a house builder, teams of three or more riders can win rider prizes plus bragging rights amongst the cycling community.

Family Teams:  Something for families that play together. Whether siblings, in-laws, husbands, wives, aunts, uncles, cousins and children, teams of three or more win rider prizes and something to tell the grandkids.

Corporate Teams:  Cane your corporate competitor! Teams of three or more can win rider prizes plus bragging rights in the business community. But team members must be employed by the business they are entering with.

School Teams:  Get your school-mates together and challenge other school in your area. Teams of three or more can win rider prizes plus bragging rights. But team members must all be enrolled at the same school.

Off Beat Awards

Best-Dressed:  A Karapoti favourite and a chance for riders in any race to stand out. Past winners have included Darth Vader, fairies, Superman, Batman, devils, medieval warriors and wedding nuptials. The best dressed rider wins Ground Effect riding apparel.

Worst Luck:  A Karapoti favourite and a chance for riders from any race to stand out with their tall tale of the race that got away. Could be a crash, could be major mechanicals. In 2010 Wellington's Chris Henry won with 15 punctures, then won again in 2011 with a spectacular crash !

Youngest & Oldest:  The youngest and eldest riders within the 20k win prizes, so don't let age get in your way! 20k entries from riders aged less than 10 years are at the race directors discretion.